As a VO entrepreneur, or any entrepreneur for that matter, we all know that there are certain ingredients to success. This is no secret. There are specific actions and traits that we have been conditioned to think of that are said to lead to a “successful” life. You know the ones; hard work, dedication, determination, commitment…the list goes on and on. Things that you were probably told as a child at some point in school, or by your parents, as if everyone in life who lives by these specific guidelines becomes successful. Then you grew up, looked around and realized you know a lot of people who are all of those things and more; why are they struggling? Maybe you even looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “How come I’m not where I thought I’d be?” No one dreams of being mediocre.

On the contrary, maybe you’ve met someone who didn’t finish high school, doesn’t have a college degree, didn’t follow any traditional career path and they ended up being very successful. There are exceptions to everything and variables too numerous to calculate as to why someone is or is not “successful”. Furthermore, we all define success individually. What I can tell you is that Le Piece De Resistance will help you in every aspect of your life, no matter your background or how you define success.

As I strive for success in all areas of my own life, I have known this concept to be extremely powerful every single time I’ve put it into practice. It’s an ongoing skill that you develop over time, a mindset, a feeling, a belief, this Piece De Resistance. You can call it whatever you want, that is simply what I call it, but one thing is for certain— it’s magical when you harness it. Le Piece De Resistance is not just one thing per se, but a concept, a way of “being”–far beyond just positive thinking. It is a weapon of mass creation, if you will. This intangible, almost undefinable power is buried deep within all of us, to be and create anything we desire. Its’ power is unleashed only by each individual, if you can get past your fears and unconscious negative limitations to fully believe that your desired destiny is already on it’s way to you.

It will show up, not to help you make decisions, but because decisions are made. It will take trust in the knowledge that there is something bigger than you. Something that you cannot see or touch but that you can affect, either positively or negatively. In turn, it will affect you. Only when you become the version of yourself that is capable of using this power, will the power reveal itself fully.

What if I told you that all things in the universe are connected? EVERYTHING. What if I told you that everything you do affects something or someone around you? Every choice you make, whether conscious or unconscious? I’m not only referring to big life decisions that affect your loved ones for example, but far deeper than that. I’m talking about that smile you flashed when you walked by a stranger on the sidewalk, who then went on to smile at the next person who smiled at the next one who then exchanged niceties with the cashier at the coffee shop and a chain reaction of kindness was sparked–just from your one small, beautiful smile. To break it down even further…when you smiled, the sun was shining on your face and the rays of warm sunlight reflected off of your lips (and off of your entire body for that matter) which, unbeknownst to you, changed the direction of those particles and atoms that made up that ray of light, forever. Do you see what I am getting at here?

You are a walking ball of energy. The Universe reacts to that energy and the Universe IS that energy. You can either align with her energy, or you can go against it. How do you align with it? It’s not as easy as you’ve probably been told (like the law of attraction would have you believe). At the same time, it’s easier than you think. It’s not just the law of attraction, it’s so much more than that. It’s positive focus coupled with inspired actions toward the goals you have. Yet surrendering your personal timeline and possibly the exact desired outcome you have in mind. It’s not in your hands (entirely). The outcome you had in mind pales in comparison to what the universe has in store for you. Set your intentions out into the universe by speaking it, thinking it, imagining it as if it were already yours and by taking inspired actions toward the things you want. Trust that the universe will guide you….then open up and listen. Listen to your inner voice, your intuition. That voice is your higher self. Your higher self is connected on a subconscious level, to the universe.

I have experienced it personally time and time again throughout my life, even as a child. However, back then, I didn’t know this is what I was doing. I just did it. As I grew older I lost touch with that power and my connection to the divine oneness, that is the universe. Through the years there were glimpses of my connection and the power within myself. Eventually, I came to realize that each time I made decisions in alignment with my authentic self, took inspired actions toward my goals, was connected, focused, trusted and believed–the most amazing things happened. Time and time again, the most unbelievable people and opportunities presented themselves at just the right times. Synchronicity.

That does not mean you won’t have bad days or feel awful when terrible things happen in your life, as they inevitably will. ¬†Give yourself permission to grieve, be sad, angry or whatever it is. But then get back laser focused on your energy, intentions and gratitude for what you do have. That is the fastest way to leave negativity behind. Think of the things you DO have and thank the universe for them daily.

The Universe (God, Love, the Force or whatever you want to call it) is miraculous and intelligent. All you have to do to bear witness to this is go out into nature and observe it. Take a tree for example, with thousands upon thousands of leaves on it. The leaves know exactly when to turn colors or shed from the tree according to the seasons, even though the tree does not consciously think. The tree isn’t competing against the other trees around it to see who has more leaves or is more lush. The tree just IS. The tree is abundant, just like the universe. Subsequently, we are all abundant. We simply have to know it and understand the powers within ourselves. Remember the interconnection of all things and that it’s bigger than you; bigger than all of us.