Well hey there, and welcome to Voice Ops. If you are reading this, Congratulations. You made it past the first test.

Johnna is the voice behind the operation. When you pronounce her name, you roll the “J”, as in “je ne sais quoi” in French. Or, similar to how Zja Zja Gabor is pronounced, but minus the eight husbands! Go ahead, try it! Oh, and the “h” is silent! As in, JJJJonna. See? It’s an easy code to crack, even if you aren’t well versed in cryptographs. Now, enough of the small talk.

Prior to Voice Ops, Johnna was part of other “types” of operations…but those records have all been sealed or destroyed to protect those involved. What she can tell you is that she started her journey in the U.S. Air Force as an M.P. (Military Police). Later, Johnna transferred to a career in Intelligence. She studied Arabic at the Defense Language Institute, Presidio of Monterey, California. Afterwards, she attended Intelligence Operations School, which led to working the Predator drone mission over Iraq and Afghanistan. At the conclusion of her military career, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree and was selected to work in a counterterrorism unit at the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center. Then, it snowed…..and snowed…..and snowed. Okay, it snowed A LOT! So, she moved! Then, she moved again….aaaand then again. Did I mention yet again? Of course, there were other things too, but what’s that old saying? She’d tell you, but then she’d have to…..well, you get the idea.

Now Johnna’s mission is to dominate your copy, so you can be laser focused on your other business aspects. Her operatives are few, but trustworthy. There are two. Operative #1 is Spooky. Aliases include: Spooky Ninja and Poo-Poo Kitty. Operative #2, Dakota. Aliases include: Dakota Girl, Boo Bear, Well I Otta, Love Bug, and Muffin Butt. Should you choose to continue on the Voice Ops mission, you should know that although you will never meet the operatives, they exist for your benefit.

Armed with an assiduous style, a smart and youthful sound, and a knack for handling classified/sensitive information, she’s well on her way to becoming the go-to voice of e-learning and corporate narration for government contractors and Executive Protection Agencies. She’s creatively fearless, artistically intuitive and leads Johnna Rae Voice Ops with the highest level of dedication and commitment.


If your mission requires deliberate, precise and measured execution of your copy, let the journey begin.

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